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What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a Cannabis ornament hanging on the tree!  

(OK, maybe there is a little way to celebrate the holiday (actual Cannabis;)

And maybe they don't have to be just for Christmas (Channukah, Kwanzaa or Arbor Day, for example, are good holidays to celebrate!) 

Or, you could be wanting one for your very own personal reason/holiday

(i.e. you like it or you're celebrating 4/20) 

and that is absolutely fine.


Each one of these one-of-a-kind, wooden Cannabis Leaf ornaments is handmade, made from recycled Christmas trees, from our friends at S.A.W. Creations.

Wooden Cannabis Leaf

  • Each ornament is handmade and unique, will vary in size, shape, color of wood grain, amount of knots in wood, and may look slighty different than the one that is pictured!